The Budget Process

Theresa Reidy and John Considine 7th December, 2010 The most discussed budget in decades in due today. The budget is the main feature in the Finance calendar in any country but this year, the Irish budget is likely to be the centre of international attention. Budget 2011 will be exceptional for a variety of reasons.…

Is Lenihan right to exclude political decisions from the Banking Inquiry?

Eoin O’Malley (6th July, 2010) Little attention is given in today’s papers to Brian Lenihan’s appearance before the Oireachtas Joint Committee on Finance and the Public Service yesterday. There he answered questions on the proposed Commission of Investigation into the banking crisis and in doing so made some statements on how he sees his ministerial responsibility.

The 30th Annual MacGill Summer School: Reforming the Republic: Issues of Politics, Economics & Accountability

The Summer School will analyse the political, economic and administrative systems that have allowed our economy to be brought to its knees and will propose solutions.  The nature and structures of our parliamentary democracy and our political culture will come under particular scrutiny.