This blog and web forum was set up by members of the political science departments of Irish universities under the aegis of the Political Studies Association of Ireland (PSAI). The founding editors were Elaine Byrne, David Farrell, Eoin O’Malley, Jane Suiter, and Matt Wall. The current editor is Luke Field.

The purpose of the forum is to provide up-to-date analysis of contemporary political events and to encourage moderated comment on all issues relating to politics, policy, and political reform (broadly conceived). The internet is a tool for both making these debates public and facilitating participation from those who usually do not have an opportunity to voice their opinions.

Topics are started by contributors affilated to this forum.  If you would like to contribute lead articles, please contact the editor (luke.field@ucdconnect.ie). Comments on the lead articles are welcome from any reader. However, you must have a WordPress user account to do so. (Please see the note below about anonymous contributions).

The opinions expressed on the site are personal to the individual contributors; the website per se does not institutionally endorse any of the opinions expressed on the site, nor do the employers of the contributors. You may contact the site administrator at luke.field@ucdconnect.ie.

A few operational notes:

First-time commentators are held in the ‘moderation’ queue – while this is cleared fairly rapidly, please be patient if there is a delay.

On occasion, a comment from even regular contributors gets sent automatically to the spam queue. We clear this quite rapidly and there is no need to re-post your comment if it is does not immediately appear: please be patient.

All comments are sent via email to the original contributor of the lead article and they have the option of deleting it at that point. Commenters should be aware the contributors of the blog post can see the email address that you have given. They can also see your IP address. Sometimes this just is a string of numbers. Sometimes it clearly includes the name of your employer’s network. Hopefully, this isn’t a problem for most people, and we assure you that all contributors here will treat such information with the utmost discretion. Still, you should be aware of the limits of anonymity that prevail.

And thanks for contributing. Your contributions and the debates that they provoke make the site for more informative than it would be if it were comment-free and, of course, more fun.


To register your interest in this project you can email the editor at luke.field@ucdconnect.ie.

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