New Directions in Referendums; Politics and Campaigns

New Directions in Referendums 9 May 2013

May 9, 2013Jane Suiter and Theresa Reidy co-convenors of the PSAI Voters, Parties and Elections Group are holding two events on referendums examining all elements of campaigns from a global perspective with the world’s leading experts from Canada, California, Switzerland, the Netherlands and Germany as well as Ireland contributing. With a number of referendums in the pipeline in Ireland over the coming years this is a timely opportunity to get to grips with how these campaigns work and are run in a wide variety of democracies. The events are being held at the NUI, Merrion Square and European Parliament Office, Molesworth Street on 9 May. All welcome, but please email Clara Muller at to register.

Full programme details available here.

New Directions in Referendums; Politics and Campaigns

One Day Conference – NUI, Merrion Square, Dublin.

Morning 10.15 – 11.15
Prof Lawrence LeDuc – University of Toronto
Referendums and Deliberative Democracy

11.30 – 1.15
Chair- Prof Gary Murphy – Dublin City University

Dr Andreas Schuck and Prof Claes de Vreese – University of Amsterdam
Public support for the use of referendums in 20 countries

Prof Michael Marsh – Trinity College Dublin
Referendums in context: Irish votes on the EU since Maastricht

Dr Stephen Quinlan and Dr Mark Shephard – University of Strathclyde
Campaign Dynamics in Independence Referendums in Quebec and Scotland:
Nationalistic or Second-order?

Dr Theresa Reidy – University College Cork and Dr Jane Suiter – Dublin City
The Rules of the Game, campaign regulations at referendums ?

Afternoon 2.15 – 4.30
Chair – Dr Theresa Reidy – University College Cork

Prof Shaun Bowler – University of California – Riverside
Information availability and information use in ballot proposition contes ts

Dr Johan A Elkink and Prof Richard Sinnott – University College Dublin
Political knowledge and campaign effects in the Irish vote on the Lisbon Trea ty

Dr Daniel Bochsler – University of Zurich and Prof Simon Hug – University of
How minorities fare under referendums. A cross national study

Prof Thorsten Faas – Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz and Prof Rüdiger
Schmitt-Beck – Universität Mannheim
Campaign Communication in Comparison

Roundtable Discussion

Europe Day 2013

European Parliament Office – Dublin

5 – 7    European Year of the Citizens, an analysis of 40 years of direct democracy in the EU

Chair – Prof David Farrell (University College Dublin)

Prof Michael Marsh, Prof Lawrence LeDuc, Dr Jane Suiter, Dr Johan A Elkink, Dr Andreas Schuck

7        Wine Reception

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