The Politics of Sovereign Debt – conference 12 June 2013

dominoThe Helix, Dublin City University, 12 June 2013

The debt crises in Ireland and Europe require a combination of political and economic analysis. This conference includes cutting-edge papers from leading international scholars.

9.50-10.40: Dr Lauren Phillips, London School of Economics and Political Science

Chair: Paschal Donohoe, TD

Paper: Lauren Phillips, Politics, Policy and Sovereign Debt Market Volatility in Advanced Economies

10.40-11.30: Dr Michael Bechtel, University of St Gallen

Chair: Stephen Donnelly, TD

Paper: Michael Bechtel, Jens Hainmueller, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Yotam Margalit, Columbia University, Studying Public Opinion on the Eurozone Bailouts

11.50-12.50: Prof Marc Flandreau, Graduate Institute, University of Geneva

Chair: Prof Gary Murphy, DCU

Paper:  Causes and Consequences of Bondholders’ Organizations in the Nineteenth Century: A Revisionist View and a Research Agenda

1.40-2.30: Dr Roman Goldbach, University of Dresden

Chair: Dr Tim Hicks, Trinity College Dublin

Paper: Roman Goldach and Christian Fahrholz, Friedrich Schiller University, Jena, The Euro Area’s Common Default Risk: Evidence on the Commission’s Effect on Uncertainty

2.30-3.20: Dr Iain McMenamin, DCU

Chair: Dr Niamh Hardiman, University College Dublin

Paper: Iain McMenamin, Michael Breen, Juan Muñoz-Portillo, DCU, Elections, Institutions and Sovereign Debt

3.40-4.30: Dr Joachim Wehner, London School of Economics and Political Science

Chair: Dr Donal de Buitléir,

Paper: James Alt, Harvard University, David Lassen, University of Copenhagen and Joachim Wehner, The Politics and Economics of Fiscal Gimmickry in Europe

The conference (including lunch and coffee) is free. However, preregistration is necessary. Please email juan.munozportillo2@mail.dcu.ieto pre-register.

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