2011 Undergraduate Awards of Ireland

posted by John O’Brennan

Submissions are still being accepted for the 2011 Undergraduate Awards of Ireland. The awards are now in their third year and are open to undergraduates in their final or penultimate year of study in any third level institution on the island of Ireland. Students are encouraged to submit essays/projects completed as part of normal coursework throughout this academic year for consideration under 20 categories. One of those categories is ‘International Relations and Politics’ and covers all areas of study which generally come under the rubric of political science and international relations.

This year for the first time the competition also includes an International Category; this is open to all students in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland as well as students from selected universities in the USA and the UK. Students submit answers in the form of an essay to ONE of the following questions:

1. When is the international community justified in using force to protect human rights?

2. Are urban growth and sustainability independent concepts?

3. Discuss the past, present and possible future effects of social media on society, business and technology.

Last year’s winner in the International Relations and Politics section was Cormac Hayes of Dublin City University (DCU). Students who have received either a First Class or high 2.1 mark in essays and coursework over the past academic year are encouraged to apply. For more information see the website of the Undergraduate Awards of Ireland: http://www.undergraduateawards.com/

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