Political Reform in Ireland — a conference at UCC, March 26 2010

The recent financial crisis and meltdown of the Irish economy has sharpened focus on the shape and operation of our political system. A long line of politicians, commentators and academics have now emerged, notably George Lee, Dan O’Brien (The Economist), Noel Whelan, Dr Garret FitzGerald and Professor Gary Murphy.

UCC will extend the debate with a public forum examining political reform in Ireland on Friday next, March 26th. The aim of the conference is to explore the key aspects of the political system and outline the opportunities for reform.

The first session “Reform Please” will be chaired by Mr Noel Whelan, and will hear contributions from academics and politicians including, Lord Mayor, Cllr Dara Murphy; Ciaran Lynch TD; Dr Eoin O’Malley, DCU and Department of Government lecturers, Dr Aodh Quinlivan and Ms Fiona Buckley.

Session II, chaired by Paul O’Brien (Irish Examiner) will focus on questions around the operation of parliament, the electoral system and lobbying in Ireland. David Stanton TD and Dr Mary C. Murphy will evaluate Dail Eireann in the twenty first century, while Dr Theresa Reidy will consider a future for Seanad Eireann. Prof David Farrell of UCD, is an internationally renowned expert in electoral systems, and will address the current focus on the Irish electoral system. Prof Gary Murphy will focus on the involvement of lobbyists in policy making in Ireland.

The event will take place in the Council Room of University College Cork, from 10.00 to 16.30. It is open to the public and the organisers are keen to encourage public participation in the discussions. The event is funded by the National Academy for the Integration of Research and Teaching and Learning (NAIRTL).

The conference will mark the launch of the Department of Government’s new undergraduate journal, Government and Politics Review. The journal will be launched by Minister for Foreign Affairs, Micheál Martin at lunchtime.

Members of the public are welcome and admission is free. To register please contact Ms Fiona Buckley or Dr Theresa Reidy, Department of Government, UCC, Tel. 021 4903028; 021 4903237 or by email at f.buckley@ucc.ie or t.reidy@ucc.ie

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