The Agreement Generation: An Opportunity for Change?

Posted by David Farrell (November 12, 2010)

UCD’s John Hume Institute will be hosting a one day conference on the 17th November looking at the opportunity for change created by the Agreement Generation, those raised with the peace process and the 1998 Agreement. The peace process, the passage of time and generations with different frames of reference, have all provided space to reframe the political agendas and the various relationships between the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. But have there been changes and are the opportunities being seized?

The conference aims to give a voice to the Agreement Generation. It will show their current contribution, as well as attempt to identify how space can be created for their perspectives, and how they can be stakeholders in the future of Northern Irish, Irish and all Island politics.

The conference will incorporate the academic, cultural, policy and political perspectives on the opportunity for change. The line up includes party political members, civil society, academics, business people and students. More information available here

To register please contact


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