So What do TDs do?

Leo Varadkar’s audit of his time

Would a different electoral system change anything or would the expectations by the electorate stay the same?

Meetings (22%)

Correspondence (16%)

Media (10%)

Paperwork (10%)

Dail Chamber and Committee (8%)

Travelling (7%)

Conferences (7%)

Events (7.5%)

Phone Calls (5.5%)

Canvass (3%)

Office (2.5%)

Miscellaneous (2%)

Clinics and Funerals (0 hours)

9 thoughts on “So What do TDs do?

  1. Leo
    Good post, although I suspect not too many of your parliamentary colleagues will follow suit, at least not in an honest fashion. (You won’t see much time reported under “Socialising in the bar”, for instance).
    Your lack of time spent on clinics and funerals reminds me of a blog post I made last January about Brian Lenihan:
    “For the sake of the country, I hope that he cuts back on constituency work rather than Ministerial work, to the extent that such re-balancing is necessary. As a country we have in the past suffered badly as a result of our crazy political and electoral arrangements which require serving Ministers to spend inordinate amounts of time “minding” their constituency. A stark example of this is available on the web: details of Brian Lenihan’s own Ministerial diary for September 2008 to March 2009, a period of extreme difficulty in the affairs of the country and a time when you would imagine that, of all people, Mr Lenihan (as Minister for Finance) would be avoiding non-urgent constituency commitments. But it’s clear from browsing through his diary that he was still devoting a very large amount of time to constituency clinics, and to local dinners and other functions. This is not a way to run a country, or even a Government department.”

  2. Breakdown of expenses is not the same as proof of receipt – we can all breakdown expenses, that doesn’t prove they were incurred. If I say I incurred £10k of expeneses this week, does that make it true?

    If he wants credibility on the issue, where he states an expense, there should be an expense receipt verifying it, when he he claims for office rent, the rental agreement of who owns the building should be published, when he claims for phone costs, the bill should be published etc etc.

  3. its bizarre that his dislike for clinics is great that he lumps them in with funerals, as he says he doesn’t do clinics, but does meet people by appointment, its not clear how much time he spends at his home office, a constituency office or his Dail office?

    leo has prided himself making what he does clearer and they are to be welcomed but the really don’t reflect at all the position of the dail of which he is member.

  4. Desmond FitzGerald’s demand for rental agreements to be published implies a belief that Leo Varadkar may have provided a bogus account of his expenses. Must we insist that all the politicians we have elected be treated as potential liars and fraudsters?

    • Actually Mark yes.

      If Leo and people like him have nothing to hide
      then what’s the problem? Why shoudln’t he have to
      earn trust like everyone else.

      Would your boss just take your word you incurred
      £X amount in expenses without a receipt? So why
      should the Irish taxpayer have to take a TDs word.

      If these expenses were incurred they’ll have a receipt – you can’t get a cup of coffee now without being given a receipt.

      Also, where do you think these people get the moeny from that they spend on their election campaigns – you think it’s all €5 raffle tickets? Well if it then let them prove it.

      Where is the evidence that FG will be any better than FF when FG refuses to publish proepr accounts of where it gets its money from, where its reps don’t provide receipts, where people like Ms Enright are allowed double claim an accomodation allowance but not pay it back, yet Ivor Callely is being hung out to dry for what he did – why is he worse than what Ms Enright did?

      So spare me the FG good – FF bad simplistic stuff.

      Show me the proof that FG are different and offer a
      different politics and will reform politics deeply.

      Have you read the New Politics document from FG – not one single mention about reforming the expenses and pension system of the Oireachtas that allows Peter Sutherland claim a pension, or John Bruton as well as a State car – why, he isn’t using it for any state reasons, ditto FitzGerald, Reynolds and Ahern etc and on and on the examples go.

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