Lobbying policy proposals and presentations

Posted by Elaine Byrne

The Department of Public Expenditure and Reform hosted a conference on lobbying in Farmleigh recently. These presentations were made available today.

  • Regulation of lobbying policy proposals.
  • The presentation by Lynn Morrison, Integrity Commissioner & Lobbyists Registrar of Ontario.
  • The presentation by Áine Stapleton, Department of Public Expenditure & Reform.
  • Minister Brendan Howlin’s opinion piece in the Irish Times on lobbying.

Concerns from the conference centred on –

  • The definition of lobbying (chapter four of the policy proposals)
  • The confidentiality of legal advice in the context of lobbying
  • European Union voluntary register v mandatory register
  • The potential administrative burden on organisations
  • Tax implications for charities
  • Issues around the ‘cooling off period’.

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