The Political Studies Association of Ireland annual conference

The Annual Political Studies Association of Ireland [PSAI] conference will be held this weekend in DIT. Details of programme below and further information here.

Of particular note is the roundtable on political reform on Friday:

Chair: Professor David Farrell, UCD


  • Joan Burton TD, Finance Spokesperson, Labour Party;
  • Dan O’Brien, Economics Editor, Irish Times;
  • Eddie Molloy, Consultant and Director of Advance Organisation and Management Development Ltd;
  • Richard Bruton TD, Enterprise, Jobs and Economic Planning Spokesman, Fine Gael.

Registration fees are payable.

Friday, 8 Octber
Registration from 12.00

Session 1: 1.00-2.30
1:1 Profiling the Irish State
Lecture Theatre: 4-068

Chair: Aidan Regan (UCD)
Niamh Hardiman, (UCD) ‘The institutional underpinnings of state power in Ireland’
Muiris MacCarthaigh, (IPA & UCD) ‘The shifting profile of Irish state activity’
Colin Scott, (UCD) ‘The evolution of networked regulation’
1:2 Roundtable on Irish Political Reform
Lecture Theatre: 4-027

Chair: Professor David Farrell, UCD


Joan Burton TD, Finance Spokesperson, Labour Party;
Dan O’Brien, Economics Editor, Irish Times;
Eddie Molloy, Consultant and Director of Advance Organisation and Management Development Ltd;
Richard Bruton TD, Enterprise, Jobs and Economic Planning Spokesman, Fine Gael.
1.3 Regional and Local Politics
Lecture Theatre: 4-079

Chair: Deric O Broin

Deiric O Broin, (DIT) ‘Reviving urban democracy: a comparative analysis of English and Irish efforts to democratize city government 1996-2010
Barry Hussey, (UL) ‘Legitimacy, Security and the EU’s policy of inter-regional promotion’
Miroslav Svircevic, (Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts) Local self-government in municipalities in Serbia and Bulgaria after the Congress of Berlin in 1878
Session 2: 2.30-4.00
2:1 Patterns of Conflict Resolution
Lecture Theatre: 4-027

Chair: Niall O’Dochartaigh (NUIG)

Jennifer Todd (UCD) and Jos Elkink (UCD)- The changing impact of equality policies in Northern Ireland: towards a dynamic model
Frances Stewart and Arnim Langer (CRISe, Oxford) – Post-conflict economic policies: how far do they respond to root causes of conflict, including horizontal inequalities?
Graham Brown (Bath) -Patterns of Conflict Resolution in Mindanao, the Philippines, with South-east Asian comparisons.
Andy Storey, (UCD)- Structural Violence and the Struggle for State Power in Rwanda: Why ‘Conflict Resolution’ and Other External Interventions Have Made Things Worse
2:2 The EU and Ireland: Politics, Policy and Ideology
Lecture Theatre: 4-068

Chair: Neil Collins (UCC)

Brendan Flynn (NUIG) ‘That Sinking Feeling: Irish Perspectives on the (non)Reform of the CFP’
Peter McLoughlin (QUB) ‘Beyond the Border: European Integration and the Reformulation of Irish Nationalism’
Mary Murphy (UCC) ‘Regional Empowerment in Europe? Lessons from the Northern Ireland EU Taskforce’
John O’Brennan and John Carroll (NUIM) ‘Assessing the role(s) of the Irish parliamentarian in European affairs in Ireland.’
2:3 Electoral Politics and Irish Government
Lecture Theatre: 4-079

Chair: Sean O’Connor ( University of Ulster and DIT )

Jane Suiter (UCC) and Elaine Byrne (TCD)  ‘A redefinition of corruption and the evidence’
Stephen Kelly (UCD) ‘The Past, The Present and The Future: Fianna Fáil as a Possible Northern Ireland Political Party?’
Adrian Kavanagh (NUIM) ‘Electoral Participation in the 2007 General Election: A Geographical Perspective’
Coffee Break: 4.00-4.30 – Exhibition Area- Fourth Floor

Session 3: 4.30-6.00
3:1 The Long War Continued? Assessing the Republican Dissident Challenge to Northern Ireland’s New Dispensation I
Lecture Theatre: 4-027

Chair: Kevin Bean (University of Liverpool)

Aaron Edwards (Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst) ‘When Terrorism as Stategy Fails: Dissident Irish Republicans and the Threat to British Security’
Jon Tonge (University of Liverpool) ‘Dissidents, Ultras, Miltarists or Patriots? Analysing the Strategies and Tactics of Hardline Republicanism’
Eamonn O’Kane (University of Wolverhampton) & Christopher Norton (University of Wolverhampton) ‘Dealing with the Dissidents?’
3:2 New and Old Media in Irish Politics

Chair: John Gallagher (DIT) Lecture Theatre: 4-068

Vanessa Liston (TCD) ‘Web 2.0 and Iris Young: A Civic Experiment in Inclusive Democracy in Ireland’
Kevin Hora (DIT) ‘Nervous of the “Cinema as an Art Medium”: Governmental Film Propaganda in the Free State’
Richard Brophy (DIT) The role of the media in the context of both Lisbon Treaty referendums
3:3 Comparative Politics
Lecture Theatre: 4-079

Chair: John Hogan (DIT)

Eoin O’Malley (DCU) & David Doyle (DCU) ‘Keeping It In the Family: Explaining the Variation in Political Dynasties Across Countries’
Henrik Gast (University of Regensburg, Germany) ‘How Do Heads of Government Establish Relationships of Trust?’
Mike Adeyeye (Obafemi Awolowo University, Nigeria) ‘Exploring Democratic Decentralisation Reforms: Lessons from Africa’

Session 4: 6-00-7.00
4:1 Keynote Address – Speaker (TBA)
Lecture Theatre: 4-027

Reception: 7.00-8.00 Exhibition Area – Fourth Floor
Hosted by Dr Brian O’Neill Head of the School of Media, (Dublin Institute of Technology)

Saturday, 9 October

Session 5: 9.00-10.30
5:1 The Gendered Experiences of Women and Politics in Ireland
Lecture Theatre: 4-027

Chair: Yvonne Galligan (QUB)

Clodagh Harris (UCC) & Emmanuelle Schon-Quinlivan (UCC) ‘The Role for Deliberative Processes in Informing and Engaging Women on the EU: A Case Study of a Deliberative Conference on Irish Women’s Voices on Europe’
Claire McGing (NUIM) ‘Ties That Bind?: Women in the Dáil and the Role of Surrogate Representation’
Christine Wilson (QUB) ‘Media Representations of Women Terrorists’
Fiona Buckley (UCC) ‘Recruitment and Appointment of Women to Cabinet in the Republic of Ireland – Authentic or Aesthetic?’
5:2 Business, the State and Political Parties
Lecture Theatre: 4-068

Chair: Gary Murphy (DCU)

Kevin Rafter (DCU) ‘Money Matters: The Role Played by Finances in the Demise of Democratic Left’
Iain McMenamin (DCU) ‘If Money Talks, What Does It Say? Business Financing of Political Parties in Australia, Canada and Germany’
Tom Murray (UCD) ‘The Politics of Property and Principle: Economic Rights in the Making of the Irish Constitution 1937’
5:3 Northern Ireland Politics
Lecture Theatre: 4-079

Chair: Tim White (Xavier University)

Eimear O’Leary (UCC) ‘The Role of MLAs in Northern Ireland’s Society’
Paul Dixon (Kingston University) ‘Interpretations of the Peace Process and the Future of Northern Ireland’
Jon Tonge (Univ of Liverpool) ‘Same Old Blocs? Same Old Story? The 2010 Westminster Election in Northern Ireland’
Coffee Break: 10.30-11.00 Exhibition Area- Fourth Floor

Session 6: 11.00-12.30
6:1 Conflict Resolution and Transformation
Lecture Theatre: 4-027

Chair: Jennifer Todd (UCD)

John Coakley, (UCD) and Jon Fraenkel, (Australian National University, Canberra)- Ethnic Conflict and Electorial Engineering: The Single Transferable Vote in Northern Ireland.
Sandra Buchanan (Univ of Ulster) ‘Can Entrepreneurship Transform Conflict? Assessing the Northern Ireland Case’
Máire Braniff (DCU) ‘Irish Peace Mediators: Extending Their Virtual Footprint’
Katy Hayward (QUB) ‘Convergence/Divergence: Political discourse and conflict resolution’
6:2 The Medium and the Message
Lecture Theatre: 4-068

Chair: John Gallagher, DIT

Kevin Rafter (DCU) ‘The Twittering Senator: Dan Boyle and the Emergence of Online Political Communications in Ireland’
Eileen Murphy (Dundalk IT) ‘The professionalisation of cause-centred interest groups – case study Irish Autism Action’
Paddy Jones (DIT) – An investigation into the effectiveness of interest groups and lobbying in Ireland with reference to the Irish vintners industry
6:3 Citizenship and Social Movements
Lecture Theatre: 4-079

Chair: Eilis Ward, (NUIG)

Philip Murphy (UCC) ‘Constructing Citizens: Political Efficacy Socialisation in the Republic of Ireland’
Maria A. Deiana (QUB) ‘Gender and Citizenship in Post-Conflict Societies: Ethnic Citizenship and Processes of “Othering” in Post-Dayton Boznia-Herzegovina’
Josè G. Vargas-Hernàndez (Centro Universitario de Ciencias Económico Administrtivas Universidad de Guadalajara, Mexico) ‘Historical Social and Indigenous Ecology Approach to Social Movements in Mexico and Latin America’
Lunch: 12.30-2.00 Restaurant-First Floor

Session 7: 1.15-2.00
Business Meetings of PSAI Specialist Groups
These meetings are open to all with an interest in the topic, so that future events and activities can be planned.

7:1 European Studies SG. Chairs: Mary Murphy (UCC) & Katy Hayward (QUB) – Room 3-028
7:2 Gender and Politics SG. Chairs: Fiona Buckley (UCC) & Yvonne Galligan (QUB) – Room 3-029
7:3 Interest Groups and Lobbying SG. Chairs: Gary Murphy (DCU) & Conor McGrath (Independent Scholar) Room 3-044
7:4 International Relations and Area Studies SG. Chairs: Francesco Cavatorta (DCU) & Maura Conway (DCU) Room 3-045
7:5 Peace and Conflict Studies SG. Chair: Niall O Dochartaigh (NUIG) Room 3-077
7:6 Political Theory SG. Chairs: Iseult Honohan (UCD) & Vittorio Bufacchi (UCC) – Room 3-078
7:7 Teaching and Learning in Politics SG. Chairs: Clodagh Harris (UCC) & Brid Quinn (UL) – Room 3-091
7:8 Urban Politics SG. Chairs: Deiric O Broin (DIT) Room 3-096
7.9 Political Reform SG Chair: Eoin O’Malley (DCU) Room 3-100
Session 8: 2.00-3.30
8:1 Teaching and Learning
Lecture Theatre: 4-027

Chair: Clodagh Harris (UCC)

Dr. Seamus O’Tuama, Ms Lyndsey El Amoud and Ms Natasha Underhill, University College Cork.-PREPARING FOR SUCCESS: A study of how targeted skills-based workshops can effectively aid first year students to bridge the gap between second and third level learning
Ms Fiona Buckley and Dr. Theresa Reidy, University College Cork-Student engagement in the research journey; The development of an online Journal of Undergraduate Research in Political Science
Dr. Gladys Ganiel, TCD-Implementing Community Based Learning on Reconciliation in Northern Ireland
8:2 Protestant Political Identities
Lecture Theatre: 4-068

Chair: Arthur Aughey, (University of Ulster)

Peter Munce (University of Ulster) ‘McGimpsey v Ireland: Thinking Outside the Unionist Box’
Jon Tonge (Liverpool) & Jim McAuley (Huddersfield) ‘New Order: Contemporary Political Alignments of the Protestant Orange Tradition in Northern Ireland’
Patrick R. Ireland (Illinois Institute of Technology) ‘Only Distant Cousins: Irish Protestants and Politics in the US, Canada and Australia’
8:3 Foreign and Security Policy
Lecture Theatre: 4-079

Chair: Tom Clonan (DIT)

Erin Baumann (UCD) ‘Between Politics and a Hard Place: Foreign Policy in Post-Soviet Belarus’
Brendan Flynn (NUIG) ‘NATO’s New(ish) Security Concept: What Implications for Ireland?’
Feargal Cochrane (Lancaster University) ‘From Ulsterisation to Afghanisation: Democratising Counter-Insurgency Strategy -Some Lessons from Northern Ireland’
Coffee Break: 3.30-4.00 Exhibition Area- Fourth Floor

Session 9: 4.00-5.30
9:1 Divided Pasts and Shared Futures: Politics, History and Political Science in Northern Ireland Lecture Theatre: 4-027

Chair: Cillian McGrattan (UCD)

Sean Byers (University of Ulster) ‘The Appropriation of Connolly’s Legacy: Romanticism and Revisionism – A Response to the 2010 Easter Commemorations’
Aaron Edwards (Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst) ‘Awaking from a Nightmare? Towards a Pluralist Understanding of Contemporary Northern Irish History’
Thomas Hennessey (Canterbury Christ Church University) ‘The Troubles: Who Started Them? Ireland in the 1960s and 1970s’
Cillian McGrattan (UCD) ‘The Ghosts of Northern Nationalism’
9:2 International Relations & Transnational Political Structures

Lecture Theatre: 4-068
Chair: Francesco Cavatorta, (DCU)

Eilís Ward (NUIG) ‘Cosmopolitan Solidarity in International Relations: A Contribution from Buddhist Thought’
Diana Panke (UCD) ‘Small States in International Negotiations: How Size Influences the Ability of States to Play Active Roles’
Christoph Hönnige (Technische Universiatät Kaiserslautern) & Diana Panke (UCD) ‘Voice Without Vote? Comparing the Influence of the Committee of Regions and the European Economic and Social Committee in the European Union’
Sara Dybris McQuaid (University of Aarhus) ‘Recasting Spheres of Political Community and Revisiting the Idea of a “Europe of the Regions”’
9:3 Crime, Victims and State Terrorism
Lecture Theatre: 4-079

Chair: Maura Conway (DCU)

Lee Marsden (University of East Anglia) ‘Communicating State Terrorism: A Comparative Analysis of US, UK and Israeli Targeted Killings’
Michael Mulqueen (Liverpool Hope University) ‘Gangbusters? Media and the Securitisation of Crime in Ireland During 2009’
Tom Clonan (DIT) ‘Media Representation of Crime and Terrorism’

Session 10: 5.30 – 6.00 pm
10. Education Plenary
Lecture Theatre: 4-079

Chair: Clodagh Harris (UCC)

Speaker: Dr. James Sloam, (Royal Holloway University London) ‘A Pedagogy of Engagement for Higher Education’

PSAI AGM: 6.30-7.30
Lecture Theatre: 4-027
8.00 Radisson Hotel-Golden Lane
Guest Speaker: Senator Ronan Brady

Sunday, 10 October

Session 11: 10.00-11.30
11:1 Nationalism and Conflict
Lecture Theatre: 4-027

Chair: Katy Hayward (QUB)

Bill Kissane (LSE) ‘The Nation as a Zone of Civil War’
Niall O Dochartaigh (NUIG) ‘Nationalism, Negotiation and the Divisibility of Territory’
Kate Bryan (DIT) Terrorists Who Hunger for a Voice: Negative Campaigning and its Effect on Political Discourse
1:2 Issues in Comparative Public Administration: Health, Genetics, Employment and Urban Policy

Lecture Theatre: 4-068
Chair: Sean O’Connor (University of Ulster and DIT)

Vivienne Byers (DIT) ‘Irish Health Care: The Evidence on Communicating Policy’
Oliver Feeney (NUIG) ‘Incentives, Genetics and the Egalitarian Ethos’
Marian Jennings (DIT) ‘Positive Action in Politics – Lessons and Challenges from Employment Equality Law’
Josè G. Vargas-Hernàndez (Centro Universitario de Ciencias Económico Administrtivas Universidad de Guadalajara, Mexico) ‘Theoretical Approaches to Shrinking Cities in Mexico: Partnerships Between Governments, Firms, Communities, and New Social Movements’
11:3 The Long War Continued? Assessing the Republican Dissident Challenge to Northern Ireland’s New Dispensation II

Lecture Theatre: 4-079
Chair: Aaron Edwards (Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst)

Kevin Bean (University of Liverpool) ‘Defining the Dissidents: Tradition and Change in the Politics of the Thirty Two County Sovereignty Committee and éirigí’
F. Stuart Ross (QUB) ‘Echoes of ’81? Republican Prisoners and the Maghaberry Crisis’
Paddy Hoey (Liverpool Hope University/University of Liverpool) ‘Rethinking Republican Dissidence: Situating éirigí Within Global Left Movements’
Coffee Break: 11.30-12.00 Exhibition Area- Fourth Floor

Session 12; 12.00-1.30
12:1 Global Political Theory: Perspectives on Justice and Civil Society

Lecture Theatre: 4-027
Chair: Andrew Shorten (UL)

Susan P. Murphy (UCD) ‘How do the Circumstances of Assistance Shape Our Understanding of and Response to Situations of Disaster?’
Brid O’Rourke (UCD) ‘Bringing the People Back In: Civil Society Activism and Related Ideas of Citizenship’
Andrew Shorten (UL) ‘Cosmopolitanism, Toleration and “Respect for Peoples”’
Owen Worth (UL) & Kyle Murray (UL) ‘Hegemony Revisited: Revitalising Gramscian Theory in International Relations’
12.2 Electoral Politics in Ireland and Eurovision
Lecture Theatre: 4-068

Chair: Michael Gallagher, (TCD)

Thomas Däubler (TCD) ‘The Creation of Election Manifestos in the Republic of Ireland’
Theresa Reidy (UCC) ‘Boom and Bust: Economic Voting in Ireland’
Adrian Kavanagh (NUIM) ‘Politics, Ireland and the Eurovision Song Contest’
12:3 Historical Perspectives on the Politics of Ireland
Lecture Theatre: 4-079

Chair: John Hogan (DIT)

Kevin Hora (DIT) ‘A Proposal for Inaugurating a Publicity Campaign in the United States, Great Britain, and the Continent in the Interests of Irish Free State Industry and Commerce – Doremus and the Free State, 1928’
Tony Craig (Hertford College, Oxford) ‘Monitoring the Peace?: The Origins, Work and Implications of Incident Centres in Northern Ireland During the 1975 Provisional IRA Ceasefire’
Deirdre McHugh (NUIG) ‘Dominant Ideologies and Consensus in RTE’s Coverage of the Northern Irish Civil Rights Movement’
Conference Close: 1.30 pm.

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