Showcase your graduate research!


This could be you! The PSAI is keen to support graduate students. Picture shows Dr. Peter Stone (TCD, and President of the PSAI) awarding the 2019 Basil Chubb Prize for the Best PhD in Political Science to Dr Silja Bára Ómarsdóttir (Faculty of Political Science at the University of Iceland, and a graduate of the UCC Department of Government and Politics)

We very much welcome blog contributions from Post-Doctoral, PhD and Masters level students who wish to showcase their graduate level research.

This would be an ideal way for you to gain recognition for your research, perhaps even at an early stage where you are still formulating your questions, methods and data. It is not required that you have completed your research to submit a draft post, although you should get your supervisor’s approval if possible. And once you have passed your viva it would be a great way to communicate your success more widely.

What we are looking for is something usually short (circa 500 words-but it can be more). It should be a punchy text that raises questions and debate.

While many early stage scholars are using Twitter and other social media to disseminate their research, a blog post allows you to go into more detail on a topic.

Please remember our definition of Political Studies is broad, and while we are the Irish Political Studies Association, we welcome posts on non-Irish material as well. Obviously this forum would suit Political Science topics but we’d also welcome submissions from researchers whose interests lies in political reform and phenomenon more generally, if they are in cognate disciplines (economics, geography, management, law, etc.). Topics would be welcome on….

-COVID19 politics and policy
-local government-reform
-elections-national, local and European
-International relations, foreign affairs, security
-gender, equality, and identity politics
-politics and the new ‘social’ media and old media
-Northern Ireland, politics and policy
-Irish public administration and public policy
-Irish political thought, political philosophy, and political theory
-Methods, data and tools for research
….and many others…

Why note drop an email to discuss your proposal to the PSAI Blog editor Dr. Brendan Flynn (NUI, Galway) at:

Finally, you don’t have to be a member of the PSAI to submit a post, but if you are interested the PSAI runs special events for graduate students and offers membership to graduate students at a reduced rate. See:

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