The 30th Annual MacGill Summer School: Reforming the Republic: Issues of Politics, Economics & Accountability

The Summer School will analyse the political, economic and administrative systems that have allowed our economy to be brought to its knees and will propose solutions.  The nature and structures of our parliamentary democracy and our political culture will come under particular scrutiny.

What Labour needs to be in the frame for 50 seats

Liam Weeks Given the recent analysis on this site and in the media (see RTE’s Late Debate from 23 June) on Labour’s potential performance at the next election, I have analysed the results from 2007 to see what Labour needs to do to win 50 seats, a figure that has been suggested in some quarters.

Red C Poll 27 June: How Do Figures Translate Into Seats?

Adrian Kavanagh (28 June 2010) The latest Red C poll points to a remarkably consistent trend in terms of support for the three largest parties – again underlining the significant “Gilmore Gale” increase in support for Labour but also highlighting the strenght of Fine Gael support. But how would these figures translate into seats should these…

Is the Dail ‘too busy’ for by-elections?

David Farrell (June 25, 2010) The controversy over the government’s willful blocking of any attempts to call the long over-due by-elections continues. The following letter appeared in today’s Irish Times: Madam, – The Government chief whip, John Curran said it is inappropriate for the Dublin South byelection to go ahead now because the Dáil “is…

Time for a new political party?

by David Farrell (June 23 2010) A letter in today’s Irish Times calls for the creation of a new political party: Madam, – With all the recent musings and mutterings from various media sources about the possible establishment in Ireland of a new political party, may I add my voice of consent to the chorus…