Site News: Luke Field is stepping down as Editor

A little change never hurt anyone.

Now that we have completed our Brexit Countdown blog series in collaboration with the UK’s Political Studies Association, I can announce my intention to step down as Editor of the Irish Politics Forum – a role I have been lucky enough to have had since November 2016.

Stepping away from the Forum was not an easy decision, but after almost two-and-a-half years, I think the site could benefit from some new blood and a fresh perspective. Also, given that I am heading into an extremely busy period both professionally and academically (the role of Editor is, of course, voluntary and unpaid), it seemed only right and fair to let someone with more time dedicate themselves to the role.

There have been plenty of challenges along the way, but the Forum occupies a unique and important space in Irish political discourse. At a time when many academic voices struggle to be heard outside of their own catchments, the dedicated audience and contributors of this site have always set a good example of how to break that particular mould.

I’m happy that we have managed to grow the conversation on the site, moving further beyond our roots as a political reform discussion space into an established forum for broader elements of politics and political studies. However, there is always more that could be done, and I think more will be done with some new appointments.

I am particularly happy with the PSAI’s decision to expand the leadership of the Forum from one single Editor to a three-person editorial team. I have long felt that the growth and professionalisation of the Forum would continued to be limited while responsibility for the site rested with one sole individual. The expansion to a team means more energy, more time, and a more realistic distribution of workload – which in turn opens up opportunities for more creative thinking and a more proactive approach.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the site during my time as Editor – not just our authors, but also our dedicated community of readers and commenters, who really keep the ball rolling. Thanks also to my predecessor as Editor, Eoin O’Malley, for his support during my term.

I will remain in place for a short time while we recruit the new team and get them up to speed. Thereafter, I look forward to remaining an avid reader of, and hopefully an occasional contributor to, the Irish Politics Forum.

The Political Studies Association of Ireland is now seeking a lead Editor and 2 Associate Editors to take over from me.

The roles are unpaid and voluntary, but they offer good opportunities to practice editing skills and to expand one’s professional network. Also, this is a particularly exciting time to join the work of the website, as the transition from a single editor to a three-person editorial team should make the workload much more manageable.

Interested parties are requested to send a 2-3 page CV and a 1 page expression of interest letter to the PSAI secretary, Peter Stone (, by close of business on Friday 12th April. Informal enquiries may be made to me via the contact form on the website.

In line with the PSAI’s commitment to gender equality and diversity, applications from women and members of minority groups are particularly welcomed.

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