We were away….we’re back!

Many of you have noticed that politicalreform.ie has been down since July. I’d like to say that it was in preparation of a major relaunch, but it wasn’t. It was a failure of too many people involved in running the site, and none of us taking responsibility. A catalogue of unpaid bills, misunderstandings and amateurism meant it took longer than it should have to get back up and running. We’re back now!

2 thoughts on “We were away….we’re back!

  1. Welcome back.
    Thanks for the refreshingly clear statement on the reasons for the site’s absence.
    If only we could have the honesty from the governing elite for the inertia on political and institutional reform eg the failure to restore the 1997 FoI Act by replacing it with a new watered down version, the non-response to the Constitutional Convention’s report on the review of the Dáil electoral system, the scope for institutional corruption built into the design of the local property tax and the skewed increase in the number of local councillors with votes in Senate elections, the absence of awareness on the need to re-design the property market by eg. Implementing the Kenny Report, etc, etc etc

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