One thought on “Martin McEvoy Seminar

  1. I’m sure the participants will have a wonderful time. But they might bear in mind that energy and climate change policy and regulation at the national level and at the EU level are totally dysfunctional, the industry structure is anti-consumer and market mechanisms are either rigged or malfunctioning. Not surprisingly, all are struggling under the additional burden of achieveing the EU’s ambitious climate change agenda. Most citizens pay little attention to the minutiae of the complex edifice of energy and climate change policy and regulation – though the subsidy junkies are past masters at exploiting it, but they recognise costly stupidity when they see it and feel the gouging of the energy companies that is eating in to their shrunken pay packets.

    The disgust and anger of British citizens has been aroused and the Government there is doing its headless chicken routine and succumbing to the extortion of the energy companies. This anger and disgust is becoming more evident throughout the EU and is feeding support for right-wing, europhobic, xenophobic, chauvinistically nationalist parties. Irish citizens have yet to wake up, but they are being gouged more thoroughly than most. The risk now is that the baby of the few sensible climate change policies being implemented will be thrown out with the Green swill in which it’s being forced to wallow.

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