Fianna Fáil’s proposals for Dáil reform

FF polSome weeks ago Fianna Fáil published a policy paper (for discussion) on Real Political Reform. Its focus is primarily on the Dáil and how it could be reformed. While the document appears to have attracted virtually no coverage whatsoever, it certainly warrants a read. I may not agree with all the proposals in this document, but there are some very interesting ones, for instance relating to: the need to elect the Ceann Comhairle, steps to free the Oireachtas from ‘complete’ government control, a new Oireachtas Office of Polity and Economic Oversight to provide expert support for TDs, more time for debate over legislation and less use of guillotines, etc.

Of course, we know that it’s easy enough for a party in opposition to come up with bright ideas — just remember Fine Gael’s New Politics document of 2010.  The inevitable question is whether much of this would survive were Fianna Fáil to find itself in government again some day.  But at least it’s better to be thinking about political reform, than not.

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