3 thoughts on “The relaunched IPA journal, Administration

  1. Many congratulations to Muiris MacCarthaigh. This re-launch deserves to prosper. It certainly fills a gap in the area of public governance.

    But to do so it must not only enlighten the ‘governors’, it must also challenge them. On another blog I critiqued one of the pieces in this issue (no, it wasn’t the piece written by a poor put-upon civil servant for the Minister – that’s beyond parody), but it was removed by a prominent guardian of Official Ireland.

    I won’t repeat the comment here, as it might invite the same fate.

    This referendum is making Official ireland very twitchy. The wagons are being circled. Critique and dissent is being suppressed, lest it give comfort to the unspeakable no campaign.

    I’ll just wait for the inevitable ‘events’ to unfold that might shake Official Ireland out of its arrogance, complacency and hubris.

  2. Could have sworn I wrote some comments on a local governance submission to the Commission on Taxation but the trail end’s up with this:
    “Sorry, but you are looking for something that isn’t here.”

    That sort of sums this place up.

  3. Pulling posts, particularly, when there are comments in the subsequent thread, is generally considered bad form. If there was an error in the post, or in the links included – as I suspect there might have been – it should have been possible to correct them.

    Disappointing, but sadly, not untypical, for certain high profile blogs in Ireland.

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