Another day another bad poll for the main parties

Today’s Sunday Independent provides some skimpy details of a fresh survey by Quantum research. Unfortunately, they have not provided much if any details, apart from that the sample size was 500 respondents. The main issue that is assessed is what the voters think of likely alternatives to Cowen and Kenny.

“According to the poll, Brian Lenihan, at 44 per cent, is the public’s clear favourite to assume the leadership of Fianna Fail. Respondents said he had all the necessary attributes.

…/… Micheal Martin was the public’s second favourite to head Fianna Fail, at 28 per cent, a very strong performance that beat Mr Cowen into third place at 16 per cent. It would seem Mr Martin’s outspoken comments in relation to action taken by the Israeli military against the Gaza aid flotilla have resonated positively with the public and raised his profile.

…/… Richard Bruton, by an even greater margin (52 per cent), is the people’s first choice to lead Fine Gael, with many saying they would vote Fine Gael if he headed the party.

The public was impressed with Mr Bruton’s performance as opposition spokesman on finance — and his high-profile and articulate delivery only served to highlight Fine Gael leader Enda Kenny’s lack of charisma and ability to communicate with the general public. Just 21 per cent said they wanted Mr Kenny to continue as leader and only 11 per cent called for Leo Varadkar to take over the party. Many respondents said they liked his combative style but that he was too young.”

Some interesting clues to how voters would react to change at the top of the two main parties. But a bit of a “so what?” question left hanging in the air.

3 thoughts on “Another day another bad poll for the main parties

  1. My understanding is that the Quantam Research polls are telephone based. The team use telephone books to call voters in all counties. However, as far as I understand there are no weighting techniques to ensure that the poll respondents are a representative sample.

  2. Out of curiousity, has anyone ever come across Quantum Research in anything other than the Sunday Independent? I couldn’t find any reference to them anywhere else, and their results always seem to dovetail nicely with the Sindo’s agenda of the day.

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